Mennosato Organic Baby Noodles Corn 200g
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Product SKU Mennosato Organic Baby Noodles Corn 200g
Brand Mennosato
Size (L x W x H) 16 cm x 5 cm x 13 cm
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Product Description

Mennosato Organic Corn Baby Noodle are brought to you by Country Farm Organics, where noodles that come with different flovours are all made from finest organic ingredients. Baby Noodles are a great next stage in guiding infants to chew, providing them a chance to experience new texture, which in turn helps ease the transition to family meals. Baby noodles's soft texture is ideal for infants, it is one of the good selections to provide them with a source of carbohydrate and protein:essential for enegy,growth and development.


* Suitable for 7 months and above

* Product are certified by NASAA Certified Organic

* Free from synthetic colourings, flovourings and preservavtives

* no added sugar

* Easy to prepare,quick and versatile meal



Mennosato有机玉米婴儿面条是由Country Farm Organics带给您的,其中各种风味的面条都是用最优质的有机原料制成的。婴儿面条是引导婴儿咀嚼的绝佳下一个阶段,使他们有机会体验新的质地,从而有助于减轻向家庭用餐的过渡。婴儿面条的质地柔软,是婴儿的理想选择,它是为婴儿提供碳水化合物和蛋白质来源的一种很好的选择:对于肠胃,成长和发育至关重要。