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乳癌是女性常見的癌症。根據國家癌症中心的統計,每8位女性就有一位在她們人生當中有患上乳癌的風險。這本書不是在嚇唬您,而是以必須的知識裝備您,以便在乳癌找上您之前有個防範。乳癌若在早期發現,其治療痊癒機會非常高。雖然說及早診斷最好,倒不如說及早預防更好。今天的社會,患乳癌的人士越來越年輕化。八十至九十巴仙患乳癌的原因都是我們自己造成的。我們就是自己的敵人。這場對抗乳癌的戰爭是場勝面相當高的戰事。我們所需要的只是尋找“魔術子彈”,這也是本書所強調的及早痊癒及預防。避免致癌的方式有足夠的運動、適當的飲食,若有需要,可采用一些營養輔助品,再來就是快樂和沒有壓力的生活,沒有任何情緒的包袱將有助加強您的免疫系統,也就是您身體對抗疾病的機制。Virginia Livingston-Wheeler, MD, The Conquest of Cancer 作者曾說: “癌症是免疫系統的疾病。或更精確的說,這是衰弱免疫系統的疾病。在形成癌症前,您的免疫系統一定下降得非常厲害,這使癌細胞有機可乘加上擴散,而您的身體已失去了對它們的防禦能力,或身體只剩微不足道的防禦能力。”她進一步說: “能成功預防癌症的免疫系統來自您的營養狀況。”



Breast cancer is a common cancer in women. According to statistics from the National Cancer Center, one out of every eight women is at risk of breast cancer in their lives. This book is not to scare you, but to equip you with the necessary knowledge so that there is a precaution before breast cancer finds you. If breast cancer is detected at an early stage, there is a very high chance of cure. Although it is best to diagnose early, it is better to say that prevention is better. In today's society, people with breast cancer are getting younger and younger. Eighty to ninety percent of all breast cancer causes are caused by ourselves. We are our own enemies. This battle against breast cancer is a highly competitive battle. All we need is to find the "magic bullet", which is also the emphasis of early recovery and prevention in this book. The way to avoid cancer is to have enough exercise, proper diet, if necessary, you can use some nutritional supplements, and then a happy and stress-free life, without any emotional burden will help strengthen your immune system, that is The mechanism by which your body fights disease.The author of Virginia Livingston-Wheeler, MD, The Conquest of Cancer once said: "Cancer is a disease of the immune system. Or more precisely, it is a disease of the weakened immune system. Before the formation of cancer, your immune system must have dropped significantly. Powerful, this allows cancer cells to multiply and spread, and your body has lost its defense capabilities, or the body has only negligible defense capabilities. "She further said:" The immune system that can successfully prevent cancer comes from you Nutritional status. "