OP Memory Loss (NEW)
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Are you having trouble remembering things like birthdays, client's names and phone numbers or where you placed your car keys? Isn't forgetfulness a sign that age is creeping up on you? Wait! You're only 40. Memory loss causes us to lose our personality, our enjoyment of life and our social acceptability. Is there anything you can do to stop the slide into forgetfulness, and memory loss? Yes, growing older does not mean that you have to experience memory loss. If you can take care of your brain just like you do to your heart by feeding it with the right food and nutrients, giving it enough rest and giving it proper medical care and without abusing it, there is no reason why your brain cannot serve you well into your twilight years. This book is filled with practical information on how you can keep your memory intact against the ravages of time. This is a must read book if you are interested in preventing age memory loss and other mental functions as well as possible for as long as possible. Act now if you think you are beginning to lose your memory. Preventing mental decline is much easier than reversing it!