Radiant Organic Wheat Leaf Powder 120g
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Product SKU Radiant Organic Wheat Leaf Powder 120g
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Wheat leaf is a plant that produces extremely high concentrations of chlorophyll. It contains at least 13 vitamins (several are antioxidants), including B12, many minerals and trace elements, including selenium, and all 20 amino acids. It has one of the highest pro-vitamin A contents of any food, and is rich in vitamins C,E, and K.


Wheat leaf has 25% protein, a higher percentage than in meat, fish, eggs, dairy products or beans. In addition it has antifungal, anticytotoxic substance called laetrile.


Wheat leaf helps to stimulate the production of red blood cells, speed up rejuvenation of damaged cells, lower blood pressure and strengthen the body immune system


Wheat leaf is an alkaline food; it helps to cleanse the blood, organs and gastrointestinal tract. It neutralizes and digests toxins in our cells. Consuming wheat leaf also helps in improving digestion, liver functioning, build immune system, eliminate body odor, prevent tooth decay, increasing mental ability and energy levels.


Wheat leaf powder can be mixed into water or your favourite juices. It can also be added into soup, salad and dishes. You can mix 1-3 teaspoon of wheat leaf powder to one liter of water. Three times daily. It helps to alkalize your blood. Avoid mixing green powders drink to high sugar fruits, algae, mushrooms, enzymes or probiotics. It can ferment the green drink ,making in acidic.



Net Weight: 120g 

Product of New Zealand