Country Farm Organic TwinPack Raisin (Assorted) 300gx2
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Product SKU Country Farm Organic TwinPack Raisin (Assorted) 300gx2
Brand Country Farm
Size (L x W x H) 21 cm x 11 cm x 12 cm
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CFO is proud to introduce Sunview's "The Best From The West" seedless organic raisins cultivated in San Joaquin Valley by the Marko Zaninovich family run vines. Southern California's hot, arid climate and long, sunny days yield premium quality table grapes that the world enjoys. Quality is Sunview's top priority - wisdom of tradition with the latest technological advancements enables Sunview to pay detailed attention to every aspect of the operations, from farming through marketing.



CFO自豪地推出由Marko Zaninovich家族经营的藤蔓在圣华金山谷种植的Sunview的“西方最佳”无籽有机葡萄干。南加州炎热,干旱的气候和漫长而晴朗的日子产生了全世界都喜欢的优质鲜食葡萄。质量是Sunview的重中之重-传统的智慧和最新的技术进步使Sunview能够对从农业到市场营销的各个方面给予特别的关注。