Alive NutriLove (Sugar Free) 400g
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Product SKU Alive NutriLove (Sugar Free) 400g
Brand Alive
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  • High alkaline food: Helps regulate body pH
  • Rich in chlorophyll (5-10 times greater than green vegetables) : Purifies blood, builds healthy haemoglobin, increases red blood cell counts
  • Rich in fiber: Promotes smooth bowel movement and eases constipation etc.
  • Contains folic acid: An excellent nutrient source for pregnant women for healthy fetus growth
  • Contains  8 types of essential amino acid: Enhances body immunity
  • Contains calcium, potassium, sodium and other minerals: Regulates body pH
  • Contains antioxidant, vitamin A, C, E: Delays aging process and fights against free radicals
  • Contains multiple enzymes: Aids nutrients absorption, breaks down fat deposits and cholesterol etc.
  • Contains potassium ions: Regulates blood pressure
  • Wheat and sugar free


Herbage, job's tears, buckwheat, oat bran, black sesame, white sesame, Chinese yam (Organic Ingredient)



  • 高碱性食物:有助于调节身体的pH值
  • 富含叶绿素(比绿色蔬菜大5-10倍):净化血液,建立健康的血红蛋白,增加红细胞数量
  • 富含纤维:促进肠蠕动,缓解便秘等。
  • 含有叶酸:孕妇优质的营养来源,可促进胎儿健康成长
  • 包含8种必需氨基酸:增强身体免疫力
  • 包含钙,钾,钠和其他矿物质:调节人体酸碱度
  • 包含抗氧化剂,维生素A,C和E:延缓衰老过程并对抗自由基
  • 包含多种酶:帮助营养吸收,分解脂肪沉积和胆固醇等。
  • 包含钾离子:调节血压
  • 不含小麦和糖