Greenapple Organic Molasses Old Ginger Tea 280g
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Product SKU Greenapple Organic Molasses Old Ginger Tea 280g
Brand GA Organic
Size (L x W x H) 8 cm x 8 cm x 12 cm
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Main Functions
1. Maintain good body
2.Prevent cold
3. Warm stomach and prevent vomiting
4. Relieving pain

Main Specialities
1. Made by nutrient-rich organic brown sugar
2.High-quality ginger to maximize its effect
3. 100% natural formula to product best fragrance

Recommended for:
1. Person who is afraid of cold (Consume with warm water)
2. Person suffering from cold and headache (Consume with hot water)
3. Car sick (Consume with warm water)
4. Person suffering from cold and pain (Consume with warm water)

Serving method
1. 1 or 2 tablespoon per consumption
2.Can be added into water or some other hot drinks such as soy milk

Friendly reminder
1. Add 10 grams of longan to ease abdominal pain during menstruation
2. Add two teaspoons of red barley flour for person suffering cold will brings back good results
3. Add 30g Shanhu Cao into hot drinks will help in knee repairing


主要功能 :
1. 温养体质。
2. 祛风散寒,防治风寒感冒。
3. 和胃止呕。
4. 祛寒止痛。

主要特点 :
1. 采用有机黑糖,营养丰富。
2. 优质老姜,效果显著。
3. 100%天然配方,入口芬芳。

1. 虚寒体质,怕冷者。(温服)
2. 外感风寒,畏寒头痛者。(热服)
3. 晕车呕逆者。(温服)
4. 风寒痹痛者。(温服)

1. 每次用一或二汤匙。
2. 可加水冲服,也可加入豆奶等热饮。

1. 加入龙眼肉10克,对月经期间小腹冷痛非常有效。
2. 加入红薏仁粉两茶匙,对风寒痹痛有良好的效果。
3. 加入30克珊瑚草,煮溶后趁热饮用,对膝关节磨损有良好的修补作用。