Steffis Blueberry Jam 450g
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Product SKU Steffis Blueberry Jam 450g
Brand Steffis
Size (L x W x H) 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm x 14 cm
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Steffi’s Choice Blueberry Jam brings you the pure and authentic blueberry jam for you to savor. Suitable for daily consumption as it contains no additives and preservatives in it. Pair it with bread, waffles or pancakes for a certainly delicious and joyful snack. • No added flavor, preservatives & coloring

Steffi's Choice蓝莓果酱为您带来纯正的蓝莓果酱,让您品尝。由于不含任何添加剂和防腐剂,因此适合日常食用。将其与面包,华夫饼或煎饼搭配,无疑是美味可口的小吃。 •没有添加风味,防腐剂和色素