Fine Foods Lake Salt Light 300g
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Brand Fine Foods
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A specially formulated salt with a 50% reduction in sodium and balanced minerals. Just what your body needs!


Too much SODIUM and insufficient POTASSIUM, MAGNESIUM and CALCIUM leads to hypertension. Balance is the key.


Fine Foods™ Lake Salt LIGHT is the 2 in 1 solution for a practical balance and healthier diet!


Salts in the market today come in many forms, shapes, colour and size. How do you select the ONE that truly gives you the best value and sets you on the path to a healthier lifestyle? Fine Foods™ Lake Salt LIGHT has the ANSWER for YOU.


What is so special about our Lake Salt LIGHT?


  • Contains 50% LESS SODIUM compared to other salts.
  • Enriched with POTASSIUM, MAGNESIUM and CALCIUM that promotes excellent heart and bone health.
  • Is iodized.
  • Is specially formulated with a pollution-free Lake Salt and natural mineral salt.
  • Same application amount as normal salt but with no loss in flavour.

You are the best doctor to care for your body. Take charge and move towards a healthier diet today by choosing our Lake Salt LIGHT!




Fine Foods™湖盐清淡剂是2合1解决方案,可实现实用平衡和健康饮食!

当今市场上的盐有多种形式,形状,颜色和大小。您如何选择真正给您带来最大价值并让您走上更健康生活方式的ONE? Fine Foods™盐湖盐灯为您提供了答案。

我们的Lake Salt LIGHT有什么特别之处?


您是照顾身体的最佳医生。立即选择我们的Lake Salt LIGHT,掌控一切,朝着健康饮食的方向迈进!