Alive Energized Salba Chia Seed 300g
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Product SKU Alive Energized Salba Chia Seed 300g
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Size (L x W x H) 8 cm x 8 cm x 15 cm
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Salba chia has been cultivated through years of research to produce trademarked varieties that have the highest concentration of nutrients of all chia. It is also the most consistent crop from batch to batch. Salba chia, a blend of the only two registered varieties of Salvia hispanica L. – Sahi Alba 911 & 912, is the most superior form of Salvia hispanica L. on the planet.Salba Chia is the only proven non-genetically modified Salvia which significantly lower the blood sugar, blood pressure and inflammation index of up to 40%, and hence able to prevent cardiac fibrosis. It also has relatively rich Omega-3 as compared to flaxseed! No extra cooking is needed, easy digestible and smooth texture!


Salvia hispanica L. – Sahi Alba 911 & 912



Salba chia经过多年的研究已被培育出来,以生产出商标性品种,其营养成分是所有chia中最高的。它也是批次之间最一致的作物。 Salba chia是Salvia hispanica L. – Sahi Alba 911和912的仅有的两个注册品种的混合物,是地球上Salvia hispanica L.的最优良形式。SalbaChia是唯一经过验证的非转基因丹参,其显着降低血糖,血压和炎症指数高达40%,因此能够预防心脏纤维化。与亚麻籽相比,它还具有相对丰富的Omega-3!无需额外烹饪,易于消化且质地光滑!


Salvia hispanica L. – Sahi Alba 911和912